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The CRA Board of Directors is looking for your video footage for our promotional video we are creating for the upcoming season. We are looking for any footage taken during a CRA event at BIR, racing or non-racing. If you have footage you would like to share, please connect with Jon Champ for uploading information. […]

Pre-registration discount codes

Posted: 17th April 2012 by Race Registration in Advertising, Race Registration, Racers

We’ve had a lot of questions regarding the discount codes for pre-registration. If you purchase mulitple sprints (just sprints, not trophy dashes or other races) you are eligible for a discount. ¬†Count the number of sprints you have purchased, then add the word SPRINTS behind it. ¬†For example: 3SPRINTS 4SPRINTS 6SPRINTS It will ask you […]

Advertise on the new CRA website!

Posted: 24th March 2011 by Vice President in Advertising, Announcements
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We are now accepting website advertisers! For pricing information please contact Thanks! Kim Mattson Vice President CRA Board of Directors