Become a CRA Racer

Thinking about racing? Here’s a quick list of things we recommend doing when you begin your racing career:

  • Become very familiar with the CRA rulebook: This will specify how to prepare your bike, what classes your particular bike can race in, what equipment is required, and what is required as an applicant to race with the CRA.  Most questions can be answered by the rule book.  While racers and volunteers will no doubt answer any questions you have, it’s in your best interest to review the rule book first.
  • Participate in the CRA’s “Adopt-a-Newbie” program: You will be paired up with an experienced racer during your first race weekend to help the weekend be a much less hectic experience.
  • Don’t take shortcuts when race-prepping your bike: Simple, overlooked mistakes in preparation can create significant, and dangerous, issues on the track.
  • Increase your physical and mental riding skills: Take part in track days, seek instruction and assistance from the New Rider instructors and read about riding theory.

Here are a compiled list of Frequently Asked Questions that may help you in your journey to become a licensed racer with the CRA:

  • What do I need to do to get a race license? To get a race license, new racers must attend New Racer School.  Additionally, it is highly recommended that new racers also attend the New Racer Seminar, held in the springtime before every race season (contact racer liaison for details).  To get your race license, new racers must:
    • Pay for and attend the new racer school
    • Attend classroom instruction for new racer school and complete written test
    • Participate in track instruction for new racer school
    • Participate and satisfactorily perform in the New Rider Race
    • Work a corner on your new rider weekend
  • When can I take the new racer school? New racer schools are held on the Friday of every race weekend except for the final race weekend of the season (so you can attend the May, June, July, or August new racer schools).  The new rider school and new rider race are both held on Friday.
  • Can I race on my first weekend? After successful completion of the requirements listed above, you can race on the same weekend as your new rider school.  However, new racers cannot run trophy dash’s or endurance events during your new racer weekend (you can, however, race them during your rookie season).
  • I have race experience-do I still need to attend new racer school? It depends-and again, it’s in the rulebook.  Do you have a current license for another race organization?  If so, you don’t need to attend.  Did you race with the CRA in the past?  If you had a license in the past 2 years, you don’t need to attend.  Still have questions?  Contact the Racer Liaison.
  • What is “working a corner”? The CRA is a volunteer organization, and for rider safety, we have volunteers staffing every corner of the race track-aptly named “Corner Workers”.  New racers are required to volunteer at one of these corners the Saturday of their new rider weekend.  Specifically, new riders must work corners for:
    • Both trophy dash events during a trophy dash weekend
    • Three hour endurance during three hour endurance weekend
    • Saturday GP sprints during dual sprint weekends

As new riders can’t race trophy dash’s or endurance events during their new rider weekend, there is little track time being missed due to this obligation.  New riders can pick which corner they would like to work, and show up prior to the start of the volunteer session.  If a given corner is over or under staffed, riders may be directed to work a different corner (but typically, riders will be able to work the corner of their choice).  After volunteering at that corner, new riders will obtain the signature of the corner captain, and present this to race registration in order to obtain their race license.  Make sure to wear the following to work corners:

    • Full pants (jeans are fine)
    • Closed toed shoes
    • White shirt
  • Why do I need to work corners?  I’m paying to be a racer, not volunteer! Again, the CRA is a volunteer organization.  For a given weekend, we’ll have well over 100 volunteers working to allow races to happen.  As such, we’re requiring racers to get some experience working corners for the following reasons:
      • Understand what corner workers are doing
        • In the rare event that you crash or witness a crash during your race career, it will help to understand what exactly the corner workers are doing in the event of a crash.  Also, it is our intention that all racers understand and appreciate all the hard work our workers are doing.
      • Reinforce what racers should do in the event of a crash/off-course excursion
        • While our race instructors will no doubt review what proper protocol is, being on the other side of an event will reinforce these lessons
      • Better learn a corner
        • Are you having trouble on a corner?  Spending time volunteering (and picking the brains of the corner workers) can be very educational.  Where are the fast guys braking and turning in?  Are there any features to work around?  Many fast racers have picked up tips and secrets on corners while standing behind the wall.
  • How do I sign up for new racer school? You can either sign up at the track or pre-register by mail (you cannot use the online preregistration to sign up for new racer school, or preregister for races on your new racer weekend).  If you intend to sign up at the track, it is suggested that you do so Thursday night at race registration, as you’ll be in class early on Friday morning.
  • When can I get into the track? Typically, the track will be open by 6pm on Thursday of a race weekend.  Race registration will also be open that night.  For more details, check the “Race Weekend Schedules” in the EVENTS section of the CRA website.
  • Where do I need to be for the school? Again, check the “Racer Weekend Schedules” for times and locations.  Typically, new racers need to be in the classroom by 7am on Friday.  For Comp Course weekends, the classroom is the large building between the BIR Performance Driving School Garage and track entrance.  For Donnybrooke course weekends, the classroom is located on the second floor of the building next to the track entrance.  See the paddock maps at the end of this document for more details.
  • What needs to be done to my bike for my first race weekend? Check the rulebook.  Everything must be tech ready by the time you show up for class on Friday morning.  Additionally, you’ll need to be thru tech inspection by Friday morning-it’s highly suggested you go thru tech inspection on Thursday night (see Weekend Schedules for hours of operation).  Tech inspection locations are shown on the map below.  Additionally, you’ll need to have race numbers on your bike and bring your riding gear to tech inspection.
  • How do I get a race number? You can either sign up for a race number at the New Racer Seminar in the spring, or by contacting ahead of time to get a number assigned to you.
  • Where can I set up my pit? On Donnybrook weekends, you can rent a garage stall for a fee (contact  to reserve a stall).  Otherwise, you can set up pits on the paddock tarmac, off the service roads, or on the go kart track.  If you would like to pit at an RV spot (with running water and electricity), you will need to pay additional fees to BIR.  Note that most locations will not have shelter or power outlets, so it is advised to bring a pop up and generator.
  • What classes can I run? Depends on your bike.  Read the rule book.  Then contact  And note-new racers cannot enter trophy dashes or endurance events on their first weekend.
  • I still have questions! Did you read the rulebook?  If so, please contact