How You Can Help!

It takes more than 100 volunteers to staff a CRA race weekend! Our volunteers receive complimentary admission, camping, lunches, a t-shirt and also earn points towards worker service awards. Did we mention the best seat in the house as well? You can’t get any closer to the action than standing on the edge of the race track!

There are dozens of different volunteer positions that you can sign up for. Below is a description of our most popular volunteer opportunities. For a more detailed list of all positions available, download the 2017 CRA Worker brochure.

Flagging & Communication / Corner Working: 
F&C for short, is the largest and most visible specialty at the track. More commonly referred to as Corner Workers,
these people relay information about track conditions or hazards to the racers during a race. In constant contact with Race Control, they know what is going on all around the track at all times. Not for the faint of heart, but it does offer great excitement! The CRA Corner Worker Manual is a great resource for information about how to be a corner worker.

Race Registration:
These workers process entry forms, give racers their proper credentials and create all of the starting grids for the races. This group of people works closely with Timing & Scoring.

Course Marshall:
Early risers, these people prepare and deliver equipment to the corner stations. During race hours they provide support to the corner workers and the track.

Timing & Scoring:
T&S for short, these people record the process of all bikes on the track during races by monitoring the timing equipment or , when needed, taping manually. This job offers and excellent view of start/finish!

Tech Inspection:
Meet all the racers and their bikes up close and personal. Tech Inspectors are responsible for making sure all the race bikes and rider equipment meet the safety standards in the CRA Rule Book. An eye for detail and a handful of bike knowledge is necessary, along with a fair bit of patience!

Current available positions include:

  • F&C Corner Workers

If you would like to volunteer with us, or for more information, please contact the Worker Liaison via the contact form below: