2017 BoD Election Results

Posted: October 4, 2017 by President in Announcements, Elections, Membership

Greetings to all CRA Members,

This communication serves to inform the Membership of the results of the 2017 CRA election for Board of Directors. This year’s election, held in accordance with the official CRA by-laws and executed according to all applicable state laws, presented the Club with a similar circumstance to years past. Before I go into the details of what is coming next, I will take this opportunity to congratulate Adam Bastien and Scott Masterton on their election to the Board!

So, what about the third seat? As has happened in past elections, this year’s election was valid per the number of ballots received as a percentage of our active membership as of the date of record. However, no single remaining candidate received enough votes to constitute a majority of the ballots cast.

The CRA by-laws state: “A majority of the total number of votes cast by the members for each Director’s seat to be filled shall prevail.” This means that each open seat must be filled by a candidate that has acquired enough votes to be considered a majority of the ballots received.

This means the CRA will hold a special election in the next few weeks to elect the third board member for 2017. We will assemble and e-mail/mail a new ballot for the remaining single open seat indicating the remaining candidates and space for a write-in candidate. Voting eligible members (members as of the date of record – October 3rd, 2017) will cast a single vote for one of the remaining candidates, or use the write-in space to indicate their single choice. A special election meeting will be held on November 7th at 7pm at the Richfield VFW to certify the special election results.

If you have any questions regarding this information – please contact the Board for clarification.

Again, congratulations go out to Adam and Scott on their election, and we as the CRA Board of Directors look forward to completing our election process on November 7th.

Banquet update

Posted: September 27, 2017 by President in Announcements, Events, Membership

Banquet registration is currently OPEN in the cart! Register yourself and your guest and their guest to guarantee a seat at the celebration!

Kris Skellenger will be hosting this years festivities so you are bound to hear something resembling a joke!


September Garage Stall Assignments

Posted: September 20, 2017 by Race Registration in Announcements, Events, Membership, Race Registration, Racers


Please let me know if you have any questions.



CRA Garage Stalls- 9.2017



Volunteer Worker Points

Posted: September 15, 2017 by Worker Liaison in Announcements, Events, Volunteers

Here is the latest points status for active volunteers!  see you next week!!!

NAME Total Points
Alfveby, Dan 0
Altrichter, Carol 443
Anderson, Aaron 66
Anderson, Anna 6
Anderson, Bill 43
Anderson, Don 431
Andrew, Michael 58
Anton, Cathy 128
Anton, Jerry 163
Artz, Lindy 4
Ashton, JonPaul 235
Austin, Thomas J. 7
Baillargeon, Bee 20
Baillargeon, Mike 113
Bastien, Jennifer 48
Bastien, Pamela 21
Batzlaff, Phil 33
Beamer, Curt 44
Beatty, Nicolas 4
Benson, Sydney 1
Bergman, Kali 2
Bettenhausen, Dan 121
Beyers, Christine 2
Blomstrom, Arina 18
Blossom, Beth 154
Boatman, Dan 4
Boatman, Kelly 4
Bofferding, Dave 0
Borchert, Brandon 14
Borne, Andy 24
Boughton, Sarah 12
Boxx, Joe 0
Boyd, Brian 1
Bradford, Bob 47
Brandstrom, Tucker 13
Britton, Ken 70
Bunnell, Kara 2
Buren, Max 8
Buren, Wess 14
Burk, Joe 0
Burke, David 14
Campbell, Jerrod 4
Cataract, Tracy 6
Champ, Jon 172
Champ, Katie 117
Christianson, Thor 1
Cina, Matt 25
Connett, Delaney 0
Conroy, Tom 1
Craine, Justin 2
Crum, Wade 4
Devann, Erik 20
Diedrich, Lexi 7
Doehling, Otto 13
Donahue, Brett 3
Donahue, Patty 18
Dotson, Nathan 20
Dupont, Pam 2
Durant, Jon 2
Englund, Dan 47
Erickson, Becca 2
Fisk, Lucy 23
Fisk, Mark 242
Fisk, Phil 39
Fisk, Sam 1
Fors, Brady 12
French, Brian 4
Geisness, Taylor 7
Gill, Daniel 0
Goldberg, Sean 2
Goodwin, Patrick 0
Goset, Jane 19
Goset, Noah 10
Goslinga, Terry 269
Grant, Alex 19
Grant, David 11
Greig, Mary 110
Grueschow, Gene 116
Gutknecht, Ashley 10
Halm, Leo 204
Hansen, Megan 1
Hanson, Anna 324
Hanson, Kelcey 0
Hanson, Roslyn 56
Harrison, Adam 18
Hendrickson, Keith 29
Henry, Matt 0
Hillestad, Ryan 0
Hoff, David 315
Hollingsworth, Delray 31
Holte, Martin 0
Horsfield, Steve 7
Horvatch, Maria 6
Huber, Jason 73
Hughes, Zach 36
Hurley, Catherine 51
Ide, Ryan 513
Ilania, Malcolm 2
Ingebritson, Lindsay (Kieffer) 73
Jessup, Nathan 2
Johnk, Jessica 5
Johns, Joseph 0
Johnson, Aimee 126
Johnson, Angela 89
Johnson, David 161
Johnson, Marlin 16
Johnson, Scott 4
Johnson, Steve 100
Johnson, Vincent 11
Jourdan, Johnathon 2
Juntenen, Dave 1
Jurcich, Doug 9
Kahl, Rock 6
Keavney, Shane 78
Kelderhouse, Tiffany 9
Kessler, Shelby 1
Kiley, Beth 8
Kitzmiller, Jim 437
Klein, Si 19
Knight, Brad 0
Knoll, Mike 66
Knutson, Heather 3
Konicek, Jeff 1
Konicek, Jessica 4
Koshenina, Brandon 1
Kowalczyk, Brian 42
Kranz, Danielle 2
Krech, Aaron 46
Kronberg, Dennis 381
Laden, Justin 1
LaPlume, Amelie 36
LaPlume, Andre 202
LaPlume, Armand 35
Larson, Kelly 9
Lee, Clint 252
Lee, Donnell 1
Lewandowski, Kathy 3
Limberios, Angelos 5
Lorang, Jennifer 8
Luckiesh, Scott 36
Lutonsky, Rhiannon 12
Madsen, Jeff 1
Mahlen, Janik 33
Mahto, Tony 44
Mainerich, BillieJo 1
Malmquist, Justin 50
Maltzer, Collin 2
Mann, Steven 0
Marcy, Megan 86
Marcy, Robbie 25
Marcy, Shane 62
Mastain, Joe 9
Mastain, Nicky 1
Masterton, Scott 31
Mataczynski, Dan 3
Mathews, Travis 0
Matran, Emily 1
Matran, Randy 1
Mattson, Alex 6
Mattson, Brian 380
Mattson, Kim 294
Mattson, Lindsey 19
Mies, Nicole 28
Miest, Justin 2
Mikrot, Phil 6
Miller, William 32
Molnau, Cody 1
Moran, Amanda 5
Mosher, Kurt 192
Mova, Sunshine 0
Mullen, James 1
Murphy, Caitlan 3
Myers, Jon 2
Myers, Christine 15
Nadeau, Cassi 5
Nadeau, Leif 51
Neidenhauser, Eddie 0
Nelson, Jesse 20
Nielson, Ken 3
Niesen, Thomas 4
Nilsson, Jonas 4
Northcut, Alyssa 29
Nucera, Blake 1
Nutt, Jennifer 0
Nyberg, Harland (butch) 82
O’Mara, Brian 8
O’Neill-Mika, Donna 26
O’Neill, Brian 233
O’Neill, Matt 80
Olsen, Breanna 23
Olsen, Dawn 518
Olsen, Mitch 87
Olsen, Toby 368
Olson, Anne 441
Olson, Chris 170
Osberg, Marty 10
Parker, Kristi 3
Pendergrass, Jim 69
Pendergrass, Mike 81
Peterson, Alex 2
Plucky, Bill 7
Poirier, Vicki (was Grant) 11
Pomrenke, Catie 13
Pond, Sonia 1
Potvin, Chad 12
Quam, Jeff 146
Quint, Jenny 2
Rabe, Tim 5
Ratcliffe, Cody 59
Rephol, Karl 46
Retka, Bruce 8
Rickbeil, Myles 53
Rocheleau, Robbie 71
Rogers, Elias 0
Roswick, John 173
Roswick, Jonathan 41
Ruderman, Matthew 168
Schlaerth, Angela 1
Schmidt, Christian 52
Schmidt, Katie 61
Schmit, Jayme 8
Schmotter, Jak 6
Schueller, Tyler 2
Seelig, Steve 3
Sellers, Chase 20
Sendy, Jim 3
Seppelt, Greg 86
Sharma, Aditi 0
Simmer, David 1
Sirivong, Phet 0
Skellenger, Corinne 35
Skellenger, Dave 21
Skellenger, Kris 59
Smiley, Michelle 25
Smith, Mike 96
Smythe, Whitney 2
Snelling, Prill 1
Speer, Jack 3
Squires, David 1
Stall, Katerina 3
Stall, Scott 7
Stanich, Shaun 0
Stanig, Mike 3
Stoffel, Matthew 2
Strange, Cookie 11
Strange, Fatam 35
Strelow, Ryan 3
Stroman, Dwayne 180
Stromberg, Chris 8
Struthers, Laura 8
Stuessi, Lee 4
Sutton, Lowell 2
Thielen, Brandon 76
Thielen, Larry 0
Thies, Doug 2
Thomas, Allison 11
Thompson, Jared 6
Thompson, Luke 0
Trabant, Tracy 457
Tran, Anna 3
Treviranus, Christine 67
Treviranus, Jessie 3
Treviranus, Tom 48
Treviranus, Trevor 54
Trombley, Luke 54
Tyykila, Scott 10
Unke, Niels 32
Van den Berghe, Joe 2
VanderWeide, Jesse 7
Vossberg, Billy 16
Vue, Deanna 2
Wadell, Jami 2
Wagman, Patrick 8
Walsh, Alex 6
Warfield, Heather 2
Warren, Nick 0
Weaver, Erik 201
Weber, Noah 0
Weber, Matthew 0
Wegner, Dennis 0
White, Kim 0
Wiles, Jim (Chaplin) 16
Williams, Sara 18
Williams, Scott 116
Williams, Steve 10
Winkler, Alex 0
Winfield, Darren 1
Wydra, Teegan 6
Wygant, Lucas 18
Zurn, Blaise 0



Posted: September 15, 2017 by Worker Liaison in Announcements, Events, Racers, Volunteers

Making a roster/sign up for the IMS show, it is in December 8,9,10!!!

email worker liaison to sign up for slots.


Other volunteers need those passes so please be conscious of this.

The Time slots below will be posted and filled in on MNSBR under this thread.
Friday, Dec 8
2:30 – 5:30
5:30 – 8pm

Saturday, Dec 9
9:30am – 1pm
1pm – 4:30
4:30 – 8pm

Sunday, Dec 10
9:30 – 1:30
1:30 – Breakdown (around 3pm)

New Rider Champion Race

Posted: September 1, 2017 by Race Registration in Announcements, Events, Membership, Race Registration, Racers

Free Race for the 2017 Season NRS Graduates!

To celebrate the 27 new CRA Racers this season and all their accomplishments, the CRA is once again holding a New Rider Championship Race. This is a free race and available to any racer successfully receiving a CRA race license during the 2017 season. The New Rider Championship Race is Friday, September 22 at 5:05 PM.

To register for the New Rider Championship race go to the CRA Store starting Saturday, September 2 at 8:00 AM. It’s can be found under sprints, sub category specialty. Please select correct GP for the bike you’ll be running. If you have any questions, please contact Anna or Kim.





5 Hour Endurance

Posted: August 29, 2017 by Treasurer in Events, Membership, Race Registration, Racers

Hello, Endurance Teams!

Like the 3 Hour Endurance event in July, each endurance team member must register for the 5-hour endurance, the price per rider is $60 + tax.

When registering the following fields are not required, however, if you have the information available please complete.

  • Team Name
  • Team Bike #
  • Team Member Names
  • Team Transponder # (Primary)
  • Team Transponder # (Backup)

Pit Stall Assignments will be available starting Thursday, September 21 evening.

Thursday Race Registration hours: 6:30-8:00 PM

To help alleviate long lines in Race Registration we added two times for teams to register and receive wristbands.

5 Endurance Team Registration Hours:

  • Saturday, September 23: 6:00-7:30 PM
  • Sunday, September 24: 7:00-8:30 AM

Please have all team members register and have the 5 Hour Endurance Team Entry Form completed before presenting to Race Registration (forms will be available in Race Registration starting Thursday evening). All Endurance Team Members must present to Race Registration together to receive wristbands.

5 Hour Team Entry Form: 5 Hour Endurance Form-updated 8.2017.

If you have any questions, please contact Anna or Kim at racereg@cra-mn.com

Thank you!


September Event Garage Stall Rental

Posted: August 29, 2017 by Race Registration in Announcements

2017 Garage Stall Rentals:

When the CRA hosts an event is on the Donnybrook Course, we are pleased to offer shelter to our racers from the unpredictable weather in Brainerd. (don’t forget the rain in August)

For the September 2017 Event, the CRA will be offering garage stalls for $40 per stall (+tax). Each stall can fit two bikes/racers.

Garage stalls can be purchased in the CRA store starting with pre-registration and through the end of the event weekend. Please remember to request a garage and stall number when ordering.

Garage stall assignments will be posted on the CRA website the Wednesday before the event.

If you have any questions, please contact Anna at racereg@cra-mn.com

CRA Garage Stalls- 2017

2017 Banquet

Posted: August 17, 2017 by President in Announcements, Events

Please join us this year for our annual end of season banquet.

It will be Saturday October 21st, at The Mermaid in Moundsview.

Happy Hour 5:30
Dinner 6:30

We will have a block of rooms reserved at the hotel as well!

2200 Mounds View Blvd
Mounds View, MN 55112

Rules forums scheduled

Posted: August 16, 2017 by President in Announcements

If you have any rules you’d like to propose for the 2018 season, this is your chance!

September 13th
September 27th
October 18th

Starts at 7pm.

These will be held at the Davanni’s in Plymouth, off highway 55 and 494. 3015 Harbor Lane N, Plymouth, MN 55447