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June 2015 Race Registration

Posted: 22nd May 2015 by Race Registration in Announcements, Events, Race Registration, Racers

From the Mavens of Race Registration NOTICE: Our Merchant processor is down, we hope to have it back up by Tuesday, May,  25. When registering for races, please select the Cash on Delivery. Once the merchant is up and running Kim or Anna will be contacting you for payment in full. Race Registration Location: For the […]

Welcome to the 2015 racing season! Pre-registration opens for the May event weekend: April 18 at 8AM and will close on May 2 at 8PM   The May event races are sprints (Supersport, Superbike and Grand Prix) and Trophy Dashes (GP1, GP2, GP3 and GP4).  Please refer to the CRA Rulebook for definitions of class/classes to register […]

2014 Sprint Pricing

Posted: 17th April 2014 by Worker Liaison in Announcements, Race Registration

New for 2014 for ALL race weekends, for SPRINTS only.  This discount is only available through preregistration and not available at the track.  It does not reset across days. Sprint 1: $50 Sprint 2: $45 Sprint 3: $40 Sprint 4: $35 Sprint 5: $30 Sprint 6: $25 Sprints 7 and up: $25 Last year this […]

August 2013 Dual Sprint Pricing Structure

Posted: 20th June 2013 by Racer Liaison in Race Registration

The race pricing structure has been updated for the August 2013 Dual Sprint event. Preregistration pricing will be: First Sprint:          $50 Second Sprint:    $45 Third Sprint:        $40 Fourth Sprint:     $35 Consecutive Sprints:        $35 The biggest difference from the pricing used on the June 2013 Dual Sprint event is that pricing will not reset from Saturday […]

Brainerd International Raceway is once again offering the Central Roadracing Association a limited quantity of discounted tickets for the July Event weekend partnered with the NAPA Auto Part Show & Go. For more information visit Tickets will be available this weekend at Race Registration, during Race Registration hours Friday- Sunday. If you have any questions, […]

Updated June Event Schedule

Posted: 10th June 2013 by Vice President in Announcements, Events, Race Registration, Racers, Volunteers

Highlights: Double Sprint Weekend! CRA Pit Bike Race: Saturday 7PM Framstad Cup: Qualifying: Saturday GP Sprints Framstad Cup: Sunday 9:55AM June 2013 Event Schedule See you all this weekend!  

Just a small update to the post below: 1) There are now 2 down payment options, you can choose either $200 or $400.  But you must choose one or the other. 2) The down payment options are found on the home page under featured products (middle of screen if you scroll down) You will receive […]

Just a reminder about how pre-registration for double sprint weekends works… 1) Make sure when choosing your races, you are paying attention to if they are Sat or Sun. The races will be labeled appropriately. 2) There is separate pricing for Sat and Sun. If you race both days, you will get even more of […]

Pre-registration for May tomorrow morning

Posted: 27th April 2012 by Race Registration in Announcements, Race Registration, Racers

Kim and Anna will be contacting all racers who pre-register by phone to verify credit card information.  Please make sure the phone number you provide on your order is one you can be reached at. Thanks!

Pre-registration discount codes

Posted: 17th April 2012 by Race Registration in Advertising, Race Registration, Racers

We’ve had a lot of questions regarding the discount codes for pre-registration. If you purchase mulitple sprints (just sprints, not trophy dashes or other races) you are eligible for a discount.  Count the number of sprints you have purchased, then add the word SPRINTS behind it.  For example: 3SPRINTS 4SPRINTS 6SPRINTS It will ask you […]