Bike Requirements

What’s the difference between a street bike and a race bike? Not as much as you may think. In order to meet the minimum requirements to be allowed onto the track, the only changes that need to be made to a street bike are as follows:

  • Fitment of bodywork with a solid bottom (lower): Used to capture liquids in the event of an
    engine malfunction.
  • Safety wiring: The wiring of specific areas on the bike with emphasis on all bolts/caps that contain fluid directly behind them as well as the braking system.
  • Removal of street parts: Kickstand, signals and mirrors.

Some of the common modifications are:

  • Suspension: Aftermarket fork internals and shock
  • Upgraded exhaust and air/fuel management systems
  • Quick-shifters
  • Ergonomics: Clip-ons and rear sets
  • Traction control systems

The CRA rulebook defines what is required and legal to race with the CRA.

Documents in our Racer Download section also has information on our Tech Inspection group, as well as what they are looking for.