3-hour Rules and Procedures

Posted: 17th July 2017 by President in Racers

● A team must consist of at least two and not more than three riders;
● Bikes do not require two transponders as they do in the 5-hour event;
● Riders on a team may share a bike or use different bikes, in any combination, so long as those bikes have been registered and teched for the endurance race;
● Switching bikes is permitted when the team’s transponder is back in the pits and installed on the replacement bike. That means, for instance, if a bike crashes or conks out on the course, the team can retrieve the transponder, bring it to their pit, and continue the race;
● Working on bikes on the hot pit is allowed (this includes fueling, tire changes), except under a Red Flag incident;
● Bikes must be teched (re-teched, if already run on the track that weekend) and issued an endurance race Tech Sticker prior to the start of the endurance race. Lowers do not have to be removed if the bike is being re-teched;
● If using multiple bikes: when the incoming bike comes into pits, it needs to be on it’s rear stand to pull the transponder.  As well, the outgoing bike must also be on it’s rearstand when getting the transponder put on.  Incoming bikes do not need to be filled with gas before the outgoing bike leaves (this is an updated procedure from when the 3-hour was last run).
● Fueling of any motorcycle must be done in accordance to the rulebook (Section 13 rule 3), with motorcycle on the rear stand, rider off, and secondary person with a fire extinguisher at the ready with pin pulled.

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