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Just wanted to post a quick thank you to all of our awesome volunteers and workers! As I get to know more of you being your Worker Liaison, I continually become more and more grateful and appreciative of the hard work and dedication you guys have!

I was SOOO excited to hand out awards at the worker lunch Saturday! Ya’ll are such a cool group of people and it was a fun way to show our appreciation for all you do!

As I write this the worker points have not been totaled after the July event.  I should have the points totaled and added today, as I want to have them finished up before the August 1st Board meeting!  Questions can be directed to

REMINDER, if you have not filled out your membership form and turned it into membership PLEASE do so! Once you work 3 points your membership for the year is free, but we need your paperwork done.

Don’t forget if you recruit a new worker you earn bonus points, and it also kick starts the new workers points as well, we have been thin with on corner staff this year so bring a friend, it is such an economical way to have a fun weekend away!

Speaking of points! As you earn points and get to different award levels, please email me with size, name/title for embroidery if appropriate, i.e. jackets.  As you saw at the July race weekend we had literally a truck load of awards!

What we are doing this year and will do moving forward, is getting a quantity of items together before we place worker swag order. The faster these orders come in to me the sooner we can get them done and pass them out!

Those of you that were at the July event were first to see that we have upgraded the logos and added the new Hockey Hoodie. The response was/is awesome!

As your liaison, I will do my best to initiate your 25 point awards, however if I don’t reach out to you please email me, I may not have your contact info.  All the other award levels should be initiated by the worker.   Which should be much easier as they will be posted to the website of which will be updated after each event!

See you in August!

Brett Donahue #67 (#10 from 1990-2008)
BoD worker liaison

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