2017 BoD Election Results

Posted: 4th October 2017 by President in Announcements, Elections, Membership

Greetings to all CRA Members,

This communication serves to inform the Membership of the results of the 2017 CRA election for Board of Directors. This year’s election, held in accordance with the official CRA by-laws and executed according to all applicable state laws, presented the Club with a similar circumstance to years past. Before I go into the details of what is coming next, I will take this opportunity to congratulate Adam Bastien and Scott Masterton on their election to the Board!

So, what about the third seat? As has happened in past elections, this year’s election was valid per the number of ballots received as a percentage of our active membership as of the date of record. However, no single remaining candidate received enough votes to constitute a majority of the ballots cast.

The CRA by-laws state: “A majority of the total number of votes cast by the members for each Director’s seat to be filled shall prevail.” This means that each open seat must be filled by a candidate that has acquired enough votes to be considered a majority of the ballots received.

This means the CRA will hold a special election in the next few weeks to elect the third board member for 2017. We will assemble and e-mail/mail a new ballot for the remaining single open seat indicating the remaining candidates and space for a write-in candidate. Voting eligible members (members as of the date of record – October 3rd, 2017) will cast a single vote for one of the remaining candidates, or use the write-in space to indicate their single choice. A special election meeting will be held on November 7th at 7pm at the Richfield VFW to certify the special election results.

If you have any questions regarding this information – please contact the Board for clarification.

Again, congratulations go out to Adam and Scott on their election, and we as the CRA Board of Directors look forward to completing our election process on November 7th.

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