Results of the 2011 Election

Posted: 11th October 2011 by Secretary in Announcements

As we enter the off-season, the 2011 election is now behind us.  A total of 81 valid ballots were received, documenting the 146 votes that were cast in this year’s election.  A total of six people (three nominated candidates plus three additional write-ins) received votes.  On behalf of the entire club membership, we’d like to congratulate all of those that received votes.  The individual vote tally is noted below in descending order.

Mark Fisk (write-in) – 60 votes

Gus Aramayo – 35 votes

Cole Naymark – 33 votes

Jim Pendergrass – 16 votes

Jim Wiles (write-in) – 1 vote

GR Gardiner (write-in) – 1 vote

The new Board of Directors for 2011, their names and positions, will be officially announced at the CRA Banquet on October 22nd.  Once again, congratulations to all of those people receiving votes!

  1. 2K says:

    Congrats Mark! Not like its a surprise, You have done an awesome job for the club so far, keep up the great work!

    Gus, I am sure you will be an asset to the club and I am great full for you stepping up and volunteering!

    Cole, Why are you always just behind the competition!? : O
    But seriously thank you for thinking about the club and putting your self out there and offering your time!

    Jim thanks for writing your self in, but, a spec tire rule isnt gonna happen! (but I’m going to nominate you next year!)

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